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Limestone for Comfort

kitchen countertopReplace a Home’s Kitchen Countertops During a Kitchen Remodel

Everyone needs to update their kitchen occasionally to replace cabinets or create a better floor plan. One of the most important things to replace is the old kitchen countertops because the surfaces degrade due to wear and tear. Limestone offers several benefits for your kitchen because it is a natural material that is found in the earth’s soil. Experts remove this stone from quarries to use for making walls, countertops, and other objects. If you want a unique work surface in a kitchen, then a limestone countertop is perfect because each piece is unique.

So What’s Cooking?

kitchen remodel, kitchen countertops, kitchen countertop designs, home improvement projects for the kitchen, home improvement projects for the bathroomWhen you are planning your kitchen remodel, one of the main items that you will want to have dominant and beautiful are the kitchen countertops.

Description and Functions

You will be very satisfied with an LG HI-MAC countertop because it is one of the industry’s best, is durable, hard-wearing, stain resistant, versatile, hygienic, and is the perfect answer for the cooking area.

The wide selection of gorgeous colors and designs work in beautifully, no matter what your décor is. You can choose from Alpine White, Allspice Quartz, Almond, Almond Pearl, Arctic White, Banana, Armadillo, Basil, Birch Bark, Black, Black Pearl, Black Granite, Cameroon, and others.

Stunning elegance meets function space in a delightful way. Countertops are focal points where meals are prepared and served, games are played, family milestones large and small are discussed and celebrated, homework gets done, friends gather to talk and more.

How Do I Maintain My Outdoor Countertops?

Kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, countertops, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces, man-cave remodelHow to Maintain Outdoor Countertops

Sometimes during a kitchen remodel, the decision is made to add outdoor countertops. When it comes to maintaining your outdoor kitchen countertops, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should do to keep them in top condition. Maintaining outdoor countertops is not always the same as maintaining indoor counters, so it is important to make sure that you do it right.


One of the first things you should do when maintaining your outdoor kitchen countertops is to determine whether they need to be sealed. Sealing is not always necessary because sun and rain can help to clean away any stains that there may be on your countertops. In order to see whether or not your countertops need sealing, check how absorbent they are. If they aren’t very absorbent, you probably don’t need to worry, otherwise, you might want to get some sealant to preserve your countertops.

Time To Update The Bathroom Vanity

countertops, bathroom countertops, bathroom remodel, bathroom vanities, bathroom lightingYou are sick and tired of your bathroom’s look. But you don’t want to put the time, money and effort into a full bathroom remodel. Just thinking about that is enough to give anyone a serious headache.

What you need is a bathroom update. Just a couple of quick little improvements that can make your space look refreshed, while adding some new functionality to the mix. What better way than by upgrading the vanity?

An Easy Bathroom Update

Start by looking at the space you have. Can you expand it? What do you want there? Most will look for a wider counter space, a functioning sink, a large mirror, and plenty of drawers and cupboards to keep all of your beauty needs. 

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen

countertops, types of countertops, bathroom countertops, bathroom remodel, kitchen countertops, kitchen remodel, repurposing countertop products

Choosing a material for your kitchen counters has become surprisingly complicated over the past few decades as more and more materials have been introduced. These range from cheap synthetics to expensive stones.

The Synthetics

Synthetic materials are among the most affordable kitchen countertop materials. Good old laminate, for example, is lightweight and inexpensive. Corian, a mix of polyester and acrylic, is a stone lookalike that is easily repaired and restored and is difficult to damage. If you’re on a budget, these two can be your best choices. 

Seal or Not Seal?

Natural Stone SurfacesThe Pros and Cons of Sealing Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops have been a status symbol for many years due to their timeless beauty and durability. They will last for well past the lifetime of a homeowner, which is why so many people choose to add them in during kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel projects. The two most popular natural stone types that are used for kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops are granite and marble. But, to maintain their beauty, they must be sealed. Granite sealant and marble sealant both have pros and cons to them, though.

Using Gray’s Your Way

choosing_countertopsWhen different hues of gray are used as the primary colors in kitchen and bathroom designs, the results can be quite attractive and appealing. When different shades of gray are used in conjunction with other colors, the aesthetic results can also be quite pleasing.


Utilizing various hues of gray can provide a room with the sense of expansiveness and warmth that usually comes from white paint while offering something a little bit different.


Many people these days are choosing to have gray kitchen countertops and gray kitchen cabinets installed in their homes when they are undergoing a kitchen remodel. Because there are so many different types of countertops, it can sometimes be difficult for them to decide which types of countertops to have installed. 

Selecting Quality Granite Countertops

granite countertop thicknessHow to Choose Granite

When you are ready to replace your home’s kitchen counters, it is essential to choose the best material to have beautiful countertops for many years. However, if you have never selected stone countertops before, then you need to understand how to find high-quality granite materials. Granite slabs are available in different thicknesses, leading to a difference in the cost of the countertops for your kitchen remodel.

Light Colors of Stone

When you are choosing a kitchen’s granite countertop, the first thing that you want to consider is the stone’s color. Lighter color stone counters will look striking with white appliances, and if you have a darker kitchen that does not have a lot of natural sunlight, then white or beige granite countertops can brighten the room. Lighter colors of granite also look fantastic with dark wood cabinets made of walnut.

Creating Dark Granite Countertops

Alternatively, dark kitchen counters made of granite can tone down the brightness of a room that has a skylight and numerous windows. If the floor tile is a lighter color, then adding a black or brown granite countertop can help to reduce the monotony of a kitchen. It is possible for manufacturers to dye the granite that you select a variety of colors, including forest green or navy blue.

Talk to a Salesperson

Seek the advice of a salesperson when choosing the granite for your home’s kitchen counters. Granite is a natural stone, and each piece will have its own unique appearance. A salesperson can help you select the proper granite countertops when you want to dye the items. If you want to see how different colors of counters will look in your home’s kitchen, then ask a salesperson to use computer software to provide realistic images.

Color Versatility

granite countertopHomeowners are often looking for ways to update their home without the cost of an entire room renovation. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by switching out kitchen countertops. Any home decor is easy to change to match to new kitchen or bathroom countertops depending on the colors you choose. By updating instead of renovating, you can save yourself tens of thousands of dollars while still getting the style you want. Dark kitchen countertops are easy to switch out with lighter colored granite or white marble. Less expensive options include cement or butcher block kitchen countertops for a unique approach to home decor. 

The Outdoor Bar

outdoor bar, outdoor bar countertops, types of outdoor bar countertopsIf you want to do lots of cooking or entertain your friends outdoors, you may want to consider the installation of enough kitchen countertop space that will allow you to both cook and entertain. Outdoor bar countertops are a great way to socialize while you cook.


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