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The Man Cave for “Him”

countertops, bathroom countertops, bathroom remodel, bathroom vanities, bathroom lightingSurprising Places for Countertops

The man cave of your dreams obviously has a large screen TV, a fridge for your drinks and nice chairs to kick back in. You might have a pool table or arcade games. But what about counters?


When you think countertops, of course, you think kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel, but a man-cave remodel? Surprisingly, countertops are a very important part of your man-cave remodel! Countertops make great surfaces in your man-cave for the same reason they make good bathroom surfaces and kitchen surfaces: they’re easy to clean and can take a lot of wear and tear. You know that a great man-cave remodel requires a working bar. You’ll want to be able to serve lots of food and drinks, so you’ll need lots of counter surface area. A good quality counter will be the perfect finishing touch for your man cave and likely something that many of your friends would never have thought of.


So when you’re planning out your man-cave, don’t think that counters only belong in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Your bar needs to have the same great attributes as your kitchen surfaces and bathroom surfaces. Make sure you put in high-quality counters for your man-cave bar that will be easy to clean and endure lots of wear and tear. You also want them to have high quality and classy appearance. Don’t make the mistake of making counters an afterthought. Be sure you have a great place not only to entertain yourself and your friends with football games and movies but also to keep the food and drinks coming. Because everyone knows that food and drink is what ultimately makes the perfect man cave.


Looking Extravagant For Less

marble-countertopsNatural Marble: Remodeling In Both Luxury and Affordability

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, there is nothing better than affordable luxury. With that being said, there are a variety of ways to renovate those areas of your home in both style and affordability, with one way being the use of natural marble. Natural marble is defined as a metamorphic rock that is composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, offering an extravagant design. Here are the different ways in which natural marble can be utilized to remodel your kitchen and bathroom.

Hurricane Damages

countertops, types of countertops, bathroom countertops, bathroom remodel, kitchen countertops, kitchen remodelHaving Hurricane Damages Repaired

 A hurricane can devastate your property and you may find that you need to complete significant repairs inside your home once your property has been through a violent storm. If you had to evacuate your home due to a storm, it can be traumatizing the comeback and see the amount of damage. Once you’re put into this situation, it’s important to find a quality contractor to help get your home back into order so you can return to life as normal.


If you find that you have significant damage in your home, it may be time to consider a kitchen remodel. If your kitchen countertop was damaged in the storm, it’s the ideal time to do a complete overhaul and get the kitchen you’ve always wanted. If you have to extensive repair work in your kitchen anyway, you should be sure to do all the upgrades you want at one time for convenience.


Storm damage may also cause problems with your bathroom fixtures and plumbing. If you have to replace your tub, toilet or sink, you may also want to get a new bathroom countertop to complete the look of the room. When it comes to bathroom renovations, it can be most convenient to get everything done at once so your facilities aren’t out of use for extended periods of time.


Hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to the inside of your home. With flooding and other hurricane effects, you may find that some of the most important areas of your home, mainly the kitchen and bathroom need some repairs and updates. When completing a kitchen remodel after storm damage, it can be a great idea to replace your kitchen countertop. Storm damage may also mean you have to redo much of your bathroom and if you’re going to be working on it anyway, adding a new bathroom countertop will make the room look fresh and new.

Caring for Your New Silestone Countertop

silestone, silestone counter, kitchen countersSilestone is a fairly new type of material for kitchen counters. It’s a type of engineered stone, which is usually crushed quartz mixed with pigments and polymer resin, formed, cured then processed like natural stone. Because the materials that make up engineered stone can be controlled and it lacks the fissures and flaws that are inevitably found in natural stone, the color, textures, and durability of a Silestone counter can be very consistent. When engineered stone kitchen counters suffer damage, the repair should be able to match the rest of the counter exactly in color, texture, and strength. If an engineered stone counter does suffer damage, it’s best to call in a professional to fix it.

Caring for a Silestone counter is easy. Unlike porous stones such as marble or granite, engineered stone does not need to be sealed. It resists scratching and staining. Scratches are not as noticeable because the pigment has penetrated throughout the slab. Engineered stone holds up well even when screaming hot pots and pans are placed on it. However, manufacturers warn that very hot items not be placed on a countertop of engineered stone, because it can cause damage. Hot items should always be placed on a trivet.

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