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Tis The Season For A Bathroom Upgrade

countertops, types of countertops, bathroom countertops, bathroom remodelDuring the Christmas season, you will have more relatives and friends over than any other time of the year. It is always very polite to make sure that your bathroom is very clean. However, there are some times where this just isn’t enough. You may feel like your house built in 1984 has a cool bathroom that makes you feel like you are in the movie 16 Candles, but your guests may not feel so nostalgic about your pink wallpaper and carpeted toilet seat cover. There is no better time than now for a bathroom remodel.


Your bathroom remodeling job can be done very quickly and easily if you hire a team of professionals. These professionals will know just how to tweak your bathroom to give it a modern style while adding value to your home. With new fixtures, a new bathroom countertop, and new plumbing you will be able to have a much more inviting bathroom this holiday season. Countertops are a great way to really make a big difference with your bathroom remodel. There are many different options of quality countertops that will add a luxurious and modern feel to your bathroom at little cost. Your bathroom countertop will end up being the focal point of your whole bathroom.


If you are willing to take on a remodeling job yourself, you can save a lot of money. There are more tutorials than ever now online that can help you to finish your remodel without any problems. However, if you have never had experience with home building or remodeling, you may still want to hire professionals to take care of the job. Even if you are planning on remodeling your bathroom on your own, you will most likely want to hire a plumber to take care of all the necessary pipes in your bathroom.


Don’t shy away from hiring professional remodelers. They are specialists in this field and can offer suggestions that will make your bathroom shine this holiday season.

Oh No!! Deep Cuts and Scratches

cleaning-countertopKitchen Countertop Care Can Improve the Value of a Home or Business

The countertops in your home are used frequently to chop vegetables or slice meat and unfortunately, accidents can occur, leading to damage. Fixing scratches on countertops can improve the overall appearance of a kitchen, and it is essential before you list a property on the real estate market. Manufacturers have created several products that are suitable for fixing cuts on countertops to ensure that the items are restored. You can find these products at local hardware stores:

• Touch-up liquids for small scratches
• Putty to fill deep cuts
• Color sticks to repair discoloration
• Cement’s to repair torn surfaces

Kitchen Trends for 2017

granite countertopWhen you’re beginning a kitchen remodel project, you might want to start with the kitchen countertops. There are several new design trends that you’ll see in 2017, some that have a few bright colors while others are unique in the overall design idea. One of the things to keep in mind with kitchen countertop designs is that you need to have something in place that blends with the rest of the room and that gives you the space that you need for preparing and serving food or eating if you have stools at the counters.


Kitchen countertops will be eco-friendly in 2017. You’ll see kitchen remodel projects with materials that include recycled paper, fly ash or other types of composite materials that resits stains and scratches. Natural granite will also be another one of the kitchen countertop designs that you’ll want to look for in 2017. Lighter colors will be a big hit as they can make the room seem open and larger. Granite is durable and heat-resistant, making it an ideal surface for serving foods in pots and pans so that you don’t have to pour the contents into a bowl.

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